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A Fun Book For Busy People by Ken Katin

A Fun Book For Busy People

by Ken Katin

120 pages
Fun Book for Busy People to succeed in business.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
This book was written to entertain, motivate and inspire busy people. The subjects are diverse and written in many different styles. The purpose is to relate instances of life with bits of wisdom and humor. Some of the writings are serious, and some just play around to have fun. In most of the book each page contains a complete storyline. However a few of the writings may take more than one page. If you have only a minute or two you can read a page and get something from that page to remember. This book can be read from the beginning, middle or end. It can be read forwards or backwards, or whatever catches the reader's attention. It's the kind of book that can be read over and over for new meaning. There are no “Contents” so bookmark pages you wish to share with friends and family.



About the Author
Ken Katin attended the University of Tulsa. He worked in the typesetting and publishing business. In 1987 he had a near death experience. In this book lessons learned from the experience are revealed in different ways to help business people cope with the fast-paced business practices of today’s society. At the same time it is fun to read.



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