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The Webspinner by Clive Matthews

The Webspinner

by Clive Matthews

314 pages
How does anyone defeat an adversary who thinks of everything?

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
You may recall the headlines at the time, the incidents, and some characters portrayed here. The facts comprise the skeleton. The fiction provides the flesh, blood and guts.

President Richard Nixon launches his ‘War on Drugs’ forcing Turkey to ban cultivation of opium poppies, and France to smash the flow of heroin from its laboratories to America.

The French Secret Service, SDECE, is purged. 90% of its hierarchy, and a third of its agents fired to break the ‘French Connection.’ France’s most notorious criminal is sprung from prison.

In Sydney a forged passport sets Patrick Guinane, an Australian narcotics agent, and Georges Bernier, Security Chief at the SDECE, on parallel missions to unravel a web of corruption where little is at it appears on the surface.

The political interests of France, America, Turkey and Australia are enmeshed in a carefully woven web. The Webspinner has anticipated every move by every player.

“…you are painstaking in your research and an absolute stickler for detail…
Your descriptions of investigative procedures stand up very well to scrutiny… There were certain areas in the book where the agent’s frustrations started to get to me. It has to be a good yarn to have that happen.”
- Bernard Delaney, former Southern Regional Commander, Australian Bureau of Narcotics - author of ‘Narc’ published by Angus & Robertson.



About the Author
Clive Matthews was a daily newspaper journalist in Australia and the UK, husband, father, Paris dropout and student, government wordsmith, graphic designer and freelance writer, book dealer and professional share trader, in roughly that order. He now lives with a French detective’s daughter in Sydney.



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