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HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU-from A to Z by Cynthia White


by Cynthia White

110 pages
Insightful, thought-provoking guide to discover your purpose in life.

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About the Book
HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU-from A to Z, is somewhat of a follow-up to my first book. (Views From My Chariot: A Wheelchair Oddity) It is a ‘how-to’ rediscover your heart and change your stinkin’ thinkin’ in order to find happiness and your divine purpose. Although it isn’t an easy path, I provide an elementary outline to follow in simplifying needful changes. There are 4 directional parts.

Part One is the compass to find your true north, your purpose and passion. If trauma hasn’t derailed you in your life pursuits, hypnotic daily routines can lull you into a Rumpelstiltskin slumber, forgetting the dreams of your youth. I begin with suggestions, clues, and leads guiding you to rediscover your heart.

In Part Two, you learn to take control of your thoughts. I offer a strategy of brain exercises to train your brain. You will learn to strengthen those flabby mental muscles that have offered no resistance to out-of-control thoughts. You will realize their continued circuitry—mulling them over and over and over in your mind—fires up the same emotions as the original words, action, or offense did, affecting emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

In Part Three, I spotlight 6 accepted roadblocks or states of mind that can detour you from participating in your own excellent adventure. In reality, there are innumerable roadblocks. These most common habits will open your eyes to question and explore what others lurk in the darkness of your acceptance.

In the fourth part and on a lighter note, I have scattered bread crumbs of fun food facts, and introduced rambunctious, healing COLORS to keep your Mensa mind and mighty muscles up to snuff in your search and on the path of your soul’s purpose and passion.

Each person’s path is unique; yet, we all experience inconveniences in the circumstances of our lives. Every inconvenience has the capacity to alter your pilgrimage’s timetable; and self-positioned roadblocks can prevent you from reaching your destination.

Only, YOU CAN correct your faulty blinker. YOU CAN recognize which exits to take and which detours to avoid in finding satisfaction and fulfillment at your journey’s end.

Happy trails!



About the Author
Living a glamorous, adventurous life as a photographer’s model and teaching children to ski, SCI brought Cynthia clarity of purpose to encourage and applaud other’s chrysalis. She served as Pilot’s Club Handicapped Woman of the Year, Ms. Wheelchair Alabama, has a website/blog dedicated to SCI, and is an author.



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