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The Dirty Girl's Guide to Men, Handbags, & the Universe by Michelle Morgan

The Dirty Girl's Guide to Men, Handbags, & the Universe

by Michelle Morgan

124 pages
Humorous look at men, women and dating relationships in midlife.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Men are clueless. This is no surprise to women anywhere. What better way to offer some insight into the minds of women than to give up the Chick Code. Author Michelle Morgan brings to the light 29 Chick Codes with her humorous debut filled with short stories such as “We Really Do Pee in Pairs” or “The Power of P.M.S.”

They can also learn valuable lessons, such as “Guaranteed Top Four Ways to Win Us Over.” Leaving no stone unturned, the women also get insight with “Never Chase a Guy Unless it is to Bed and in Heels” and “Bagging Rights.”

With the experience to back up each claim, Morgan will whip readers into a laughing frenzy as they learn about the opposite sex, how to co-habitat, and of course – the sacred sex towel. A must-read for both men and women, The Dirty Girls’ Guide to Men, Handbags, & The Universe is not one to miss!



About the Author
Michelle Morgan Michelle Morgan began her writing career at the age of fifteen, fine tuning her communication and flirting skills through love notes to her boyfriend. Since then, she hasn’t mastered the flirting thing but would like to think she can translate what men say and mean to what women hear.



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