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Three Things Teens Need Now - To Survive and Thrive Without Sacrificing Self! by jane miller

Three Things Teens Need Now - To Survive and Thrive Without Sacrificing Self!

by jane miller

50 pages
Teens- You are living in chaos and this Ebook helps you to help yourself by finding and hanging on to your authenticity, living accountably and designing your destiny---these are the things that will help you through.

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Category: Family
About the Book
Chaos and Teens---

You, my dear teenager, are living in a state of chaos. Some of it, like community connections, great adventures, medical advances, DVD music and videos, accessible information, and technology, is good!

A lot of it, like illegal drugs and inhalants, the aids virus, gang disturbances, domestic violence, poverty, teen pregnancy, and loss of strong family units is not so good. (I'm still not sure on which side to place WWF or Kid Rock - that is up to your perception.)

Add these pressures to the details of your already whirlwind survival - school studies, social life, peers, parents, music and the whole hormone thing - and you may begin to feel like you must fight the chaos by giving up or giving in to the nasty stuff. No way! Don't you do it!

Don't miss out on the good stuff tucked into all this chaos. You can embrace all the great stuff in your life. You can engage the power of chaos and use its energy to soar wherever it is you want to go. Don't know where that is? That's okay. You can find out. You can! You can do all of this by putting in place three personal guides that serve to help you discover your authenticity, create your destiny, and choose your actions accountably. (A set of worksheets at the end helps you get started!)

Let's do this thing together, now!



About the Author
Jane Miller, mom, business-woman, wife, daughter, etc. and ex-teenager,is an authenticity expert who specializes in Authenticity in the Midst of Chaos, Motivation for Organizations and Business, and Personal & Professional Development. Miller has been recognized for her work on an ADD/ADHD parenting book, Champion!



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