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THE MAD FRAGGER AND ME: Leading an Infantry Rifle Platoon in Vietnam - SECOND EDITION by Thomas Dolan

THE MAD FRAGGER AND ME: Leading an Infantry Rifle Platoon in Vietnam - SECOND EDITION

by Thomas Dolan

378 pages
Small unit Infantry combat in Vietnam.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
The Mad Fragger and Me: Leading an Infantry Rifle Platoon in Vietnam describes the true experiences of a U.S. soldier, through his military training and troop duty, culminating in a 1970-1971 tour as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam.

Former 1st Lieutenant Tom Dolan takes the reader on a vivid armchair tour of sometimes grueling 1969 Army training. He includes numerous character sketches and anecdotes, with an emphasis on the leadership insights provided by his military mentors and his own related epiphanies. This literary journey continues as an always articulate, occasionally poignant, sometimes graphically violent and often humorous account of the grunts in the self-proclaimed "Famous Second Platoon", who struggled to dominate the Quang Ngai Province units of the North Vietnamese Army in 1971. This book is primarily a tribute to these youthful U.S. soldiers, who had the character to do much more than just show up for an unpopular war. They knew that the war had already been forfeited by American politicians, but they nevertheless fought with courage and distinction, due to their common bond of brotherhood.

The author candidly describes the problems he encountered, including systemic deficiencies, leadership failures, lapses in discipline and the inconsistency of the military establishment in addressing these issues. He also discusses the victimization of returning soldiers by antiwar activists, who castigated Vietnam Veterans as part of their protest agenda, with the collusion of their allies in Hollywood and the press.

This is a literal account of an Infantry Rifle Platoon's combat adventures and high jinks, with no flowery rhetoric. If you enjoy reading about "the emerald hues of the awakening jungle", or "the lingering scent of burnt cordite", you should puchase a different book.



About the Author
Thomas Dolan Many of Tom Dolan's ancestors served as citizen-soldiers in most American conflicts, starting with the Revolutionary War. Following this family tradition, he joined the U.S. Army to fight in Vietnam and then returned to citizen status after his active duty stint. He is now retired from a civilian occupation.



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