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THE GOLIATH AGENDA: The Attack on Individual Effort by Steve Belonger

THE GOLIATH AGENDA: The Attack on Individual Effort

by Steve Belonger

318 pages
Teaches teenagers conservative politics through stories.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
Bringing teenagers into the conservative movement and its vision of individualism.

It’s time for Conservatives to tell a better story and define themselves instead of changing their principles.

A new book (and eBook), The Goliath Agenda: The Attack on Individual Effort utilizes a different approach in challenging teenagers to join the conservative political movement by engaging their emotions and their brains. This is accomplished by using stories in which the characters dramatize conservative beliefs. Personal responsibility, independence and individualism are the emphases.

Twenty short stories that resonate with a teenager's life experience reveal how an intrusive government and political correctness has become a Goliath to them. The book clarifies conservative political and social principles and dispels the stereotypes that keep young people out of the movement. This is a step toward recapturing the youth vote as it exposes what restrictive liberal policies would look like in real life.

Controversial topics are addressed in this book and chapters include Redistribution of Wealth, Political Correctness Forced Equality, A Weakened Military, Big Government, Suppressing Religion, Dependence on the Government, What is Patriotism?, The Danger of Group Identity and Can We Trust Human Nature?

The importance of the story format in the book: Stories have been the most effective teaching format since childhood. Every culture learns values through this model, whether verbal or written. It sticks better. The stories elicit intellectual feelings.

"If they (students) don't catch something in a narrative structure, it doesn't get remembered very well, and it doesn't seem to be accessible for further mulling over." - Jerome Bruner, Psychologist. Quoted in “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell

The current trend against individualism has to be reversed. Will teens today know the liberty their parents grew up with? "Liberty" used to be the most cherished word in our political vocabulary. Unfortunately, this has changed to "equality" or "diversity".



About the Author
Steve has a B.A. in History Education from Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. He is a former high school history teacher. He lives in Rockford, IL with his wife, two daughters and a black Labrador named after his favorite NFL team.



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