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The Perfectly Housetrained Puppy by Valerie Mills

The Perfectly Housetrained Puppy

by Valerie Mills

31 pages
Step-by-step methods to stop dog elimination in your home.

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Category: Animals
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About the Book
Most people agree that the most irritating puppy or dog behavior is peeing and pooping in the home. Constantly cleaning up after a canine becomes a chore very quickly. It feels as though there's no end in sight.

But there are proven ways to achieve the goal of a perfectly housetrained puppy or dog. And you can reach that target even if you work full time or live in an apartment with limited outdoor access.

How? By establishing the doggie routines described in The Perfectly Housetrained Puppy. Simply put, you implement the routine that fits your set of living circumstances and then stick with it until you achieve the the perfectly housetrained puppy or dog.

This ebook provides help with sticking to the your chosen routine by outlining rules, tips, how-to's, and troubleshooting procedures.



About the Author
Valerie Mills is a writer/blogger and owner of mixed breed Cockapoos Alvin and Simon (The BOYZ).



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