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Little Sand Key by Terry Logan

Little Sand Key

by Terry Logan

163 pages
A scientific murder mystery set in the Florida Keys.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
A government environmental scientist, Dr. Jerry Raven, discovers that corals in the Florida Keys are dying. His research as to the cause leads him into the murky waters of illegal offshore dumping of toxic chemical waste. As he gains more insight into what is happening, he becomes the target of the perpetrators who want to shut him up and must defend himself on the small island he calls home. He is a former Recon Marine and skilled in the art of small arms operations, a skill he will need as his pursuers close in.

Jerry is on his way home from his lab on Marathon Key when he stops on U.S. 1 to help a beautiful young Russian girl, a professional tennis player, Vera Makarova, Vera is fleeing from her uncle, a member of the Russian mafia in Miami. She has witnessed a killing by two of his men and she fears for her life. Now she is hitchhiking to Key West in a desperate attempt to evade her uncle's goons who have orders to bring her back or kill her.

Jerry, and now Vera, are unaware that two separate groups of hit men are on his trail. The action picks up as both teams separately converge on Jerry's little island home, Little Sand Key. The action is rapid and brutal and the ending a shocking surprise.

The book draws on the author's ten year experience in the Keys and reflects his love of that beautiful environment, its eccentric citizens, and his knowledge of the natural ecosystem that is the Florida Keys. Visitors to the Keys will recognize many of its well known landmarks.



About the Author
A native of Guyana, Terry Logan is a retired professor of soil science from The Ohio State University where he taught and conducted research in environmental science. After retirement, Dr. Logan was CEO of a small technology company and also operated a consulting business for 16 years. He is the author of "The Vanishing Earth" and "The Dark Stone".



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