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Shepherd's Sword by Daniel Wilson

Shepherd's Sword

by Daniel Wilson

144 pages
Two shepherds seeking a lost comrade find the greatest of treasures

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In the dark days of Judea where an evil king and Roman cruelty threaten all who long for freedom, the young shepherd boy Joshua finds himself thrust into an adventure where he must sacrifice all in order to rescue his cherished friend from certain slavery and torture.

Returning home to discover Hanna has been taken captive; Joshua and his partner Japed embark on a journey of peril and sword, where evil lurks in every shadow. With their own lives in the balance, the two guardians risk all to rescue their innocent friend, and yet find their greatest challenges are those they carry within.

In a time where evil and cruelty seem rewarded by riches and honor, Joshua and his companions find themselves on a dark path of lost hope and disbelief in a just God. Yet, as the three battle against the forces of darkness that would take their very souls, they find that providence has carried them to the greatest of discoveries and the very treasure that could buy their freedom.



About the Author
Daniel E. Wilson retired from naval service as a UDT/SEAL and Healthcare Facility Planner. He continues to serve through Army and Navy contracts, local politics and other business ventures, but claims his greatest achievement in life is his marriage to Robin (Kasten) Wilson and his five awesome children.



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