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Mid-Life Spiritual Reflections by Joanne R. Bobek

Mid-Life Spiritual Reflections

by Joanne R. Bobek

342 pages
Body, mind and spirit writings selected from a mid-life spiritual journal

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Mid-Life Spiritual Reflections is a journal for readers pursuing spirituality. Selected writings from the author's three-foot high stack of loose-leaf notebook spiritual journals cover two decades from the mid-life part of life's journey. Reflecting on ideas, both old and new, while journaling, can give rise to new meanings and interpretations. While the author's background is in Catholic Christianity, persons from diverse spirituality backgrounds could benefit from use of the journal format

As a reflective journal for the Year of Faith, it includes reflections for each quarter of the year, and each month of the year. Topics include: nature, life, qualities and traits, self, soul, retreats, prayers, spiritual companioning, God's will, suffering, faith, hope, love, trust, forgiveness, control, discernment, choices and free will, conscience, obedience, ways of growth and change, journal dialogues, transformation, calling, integration, dream images, gender issues, marriage, mid-life, scripture symbolic types, church, liturgy, sacraments, rosary, unity, Mary, Advent and Christmas, Jesus Christ, Epiphany, Holy Thursday, Eucharist, Christ's suffering and death, resurrection and Easter, Pentecost and Holy Spirit, eternal life, and images of God.



About the Author
Joanne R. Bobek is a retired educator who earned an M.A. in Education at Lehigh University, and an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry/Spirituality at Boston College. Her interests include grandnieces/nephews, amateur photography, traveling, and online advocacy for justice and the environment. She authored a children's book, A Day At Pond Snow.



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