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PERFECT PLAN by Brett Diffley


by Brett Diffley

420 pages
A realistic adventure about animals,oil spill clean-up, and human trafficking.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Reed Davenport is a board member of family owned Crude Technologies---the worldís foremost company in oil spill cleanup with three fleets around the globe. He lives to make a difference, and is always trying to find a balance between man and nature, while fighting for both. But that balance can be hard to find when splitting his life between the oil spill giant and his sanctuary, created for threatened and misunderstood animals.

While pursuing the poachers that invaded his sanctuary, he learns a hurricane is ravaging the Atlantic, and the oil tanker Charleston is almost cut in two by the freighter San Paulo when they collided. The tanker carries 120 million gallons of crude and a full crew. Reedís family---his father John Davenport, sister Sarah, and brother James---is thrust into a race against time to save the crews, and limit the environmental disaster as both vessels struggle to stay afloat. But this disaster quickly turns into tragedy, and a much bigger problem when Reed arrives by helicopter. While hovering over the stricken vessel, he witnesses children tumble down the deck from a chained cargo container. He also sees a courageous man below, beaten and battered, trying to save them as he crosses the canted deck. And as the tragedy unfolds, Reed quickly joins forces in a harrowing and life threatening rescue to save as many as possible before the freighter threatens to take all its secrets to the bottom.

This puts him on a quest to find answers when he learns the children were part of a sophisticated human trafficking ring. And the more he learns, the more determined he becomes to stop those responsible. But this evil turns out to be far more reaching than heíd ever thought possible, with tentacles spread throughout the globe. As he moves in on the monster responsible, it also reveals a hidden truth about his own family.


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About the Author
Brett Diffley Author- Brett Diffley
Born in Anchorage, Alaska.
Raised in Tri-Cities, Washington.
Graduated from Finley High School
Living in Black Diamond, Washington

Adventure lurks in the soul of each of us to varying degrees, and there are some of us that seek it out, making us better for it. Itís these experiences that give him insight as a writer, and itís his overwhelming creativity that makes him a great story teller.

In addition to writing, Brett is also a fixed-wing pilot, helicopter flight instructor, commercial diver, professional dog trainer, self-employed entrepreneur (patented a line of water toys, and wake training-board), as well as both a commercial crab/fisherman in Alaska, and a trained assassin.



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