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by E.J.B.B.Bardsley

128 pages
An Earthling and an Extraterrestrial meet and interact

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
It all begins when E.J. who still is grieving from the death of her son, Scott, rides her horse in a direction which will change her life; forever! Coincidently, a space explorer from Planet Erra, on assignment to make a vision quest on Planet Earth, has an unplanned encounter with a very frightened earthling, E.J. Despite the advice of her husband, who believes she will be alone in their far reaching property, E.J. is overwhelmingly convinced by Sapaho to join him on a vision quest.

On the third day, after successful vision quests, Sapaho makes contact with Scott, in the Spirit World! Now it is time for a sad E.J. to bid farewell to Sapaho. While they are in his space craft he receives the news from his MotherCraft that a fellow space explorer, from Erra, has been captured in another State. As soon as the media reports extrtaterrestrials have landed on Earth, E.J.'s husband, away on a business trip, becomes alarmed. He contacts a neighbor to use his Jeep to find E.J. and insist she go home! She does not want to leave Sapaho!

E.J. teaches Sapaho the emotion of love for the first time and he helps E.J. begin to live again.

Successful in following Native American rituals, the Earthling and the Alien both believe that within this Universe - "MITAKUYE OYASIN", meaning, "We Are All Related"!



About the Author
Born in Philadelphia, raised in rural Bucks County, E.J.B.B.Bardsley holds degrees in Elementary and Special Education. Articles covering experiences as a pilot, sailor, Trip escort and sky diving and novels PSEUDONYMS and WELCOME to BRIDGEBORO have been published. With her husband she lives and volunteers in Madeira Beach, Florida.



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