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A Duffel Bag of Army Stories by Lauri Castro

A Duffel Bag of Army Stories

by Lauri Castro

294 pages
Insight into Army life including humor and hardship.

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Category: Military
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About the Book
A Duffel Bag of Army Stories is easy to read and was written for an audience that is not intimately familiar with day to day military life. The author reveals the fun and confusion for new soldiers who are still recognize rank, the diversity of military chow halls and dining facilities and explains MREs-Meals, Ready to Eat.

One chapter, At Ease, Soldier offers numerous accounts of humor in uniform. One example is about seeing a military dog wearing corporal's rank and wanting to learn if the K-9 dog outranked her. Another chapter, entitled Deal With it, Soldier; Make it Work reveals frustration and difficulties experienced by the author. While in uniform the author reached a personal breaking point brought on by a self-perception of not being able to do anything right and of having a reverse 'Midas' touch. Honesty and perseverance cascade into each other in these short stories.

Finally, the author explains military uniforms for civilians and military (jargon) vocabulary words for civilians. The military uniforms include duty (work) uniforms and dress (fancy) uniforms. The military vocabulary explanations include letting the readers know that soldiers do not go to boot camp, they go to Basic Combat Training.



About the Author
The author was raised in Los Angeles. She served in the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard. Her civilian education, to date, includes a BA in history from the University of California in Santa Barbara and two MA degrees from The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.



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