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SEX AND SEXUALITY: The Interviews - Part One by Violet Ivy

SEX AND SEXUALITY: The Interviews - Part One

by Violet Ivy

330 pages
Internationally famous sex worker interviews her more unusual friends

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book
Welcome to my interviews book. Inside you will find some Ďout of the ordinaryí friends I have met in my travels. Itís amazing how mainstream these people look when they are on the train or bus travelling to work. None of them have two heads or gills. And you would never pick their fetishes. Itís only when they choose to reveal them to another that their true nature is exposed. I meet a range of people due to my involvement in the sex industry. There is no way I can be judgemental after some of the kinky stuff I have done and enjoyed. Stones and glass houses. Live and let live is my motto as long as everything is safe, sane and consensual. Prostitutes have been judged and discriminated against since time began. Iím not about to condemn any other minority groups who arenít hurting anyone by living their chosen lifestyles.

When I began this project I had no idea how much fun it would be to investigate sex and sexuality from other viewpoints and individual situations. Itís been very educational too. Some of these people I already knew and others I sought out for their unique take on different facets of intimacy or simply what gets them off. All of their names have been changed of course but their interviews, as bizarre as some of them are, are one hundred percent real. The interviewees include a sex change bondage and discipline Mistress, a real life slave, male clients of mine, another high class escort, a brothel receptionist, a street worker and her client, a man who loves transsexuals and carrots up his arse, a gay guy and a bisexual girl, a paraplegic, a nudist and a Ďrub and tugí girl amongst others.

Read about their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and difficulties with regards to expressing their sexuality. Some just want to get laid as often as possible by any means. Others are attempting to find true and lasting happiness. And the rest have specific needs that they struggle to meet. You may find a little piece of yourself in each of them.



About the Author
Violet Ivy Exclusive, international call girl who travels the world meeting many and varied 'friends'.



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