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A Man Walked Into A Bar by Skip Miller

A Man Walked Into A Bar

by Skip Miller

180 pages
These are stories of what happened after men walked into a bar. They are fishing boat captains, drifters, outlaws, singers and grieving fathers who want to tell somebody about what they'e been through.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
As much as a place for social encounter, the bar is a scrapbook of American history. It is where news of the day is beaten into something more easily understood, and where plots and schemes are laid out and put into motion. It is where you find the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Wyatt Earp, and Ernest Hemingway mingling with men history never recognized.

A Man Walked Into A Bar is a collection of stories from that scrapbook. Stories of triumph and failure, evil and good times.

It is about the grieving man who is in town for his son's funeral. It is about the highway killer who was here just yesterday. And it is about the man forced to stay home while his brothers and friends went off to war.

The language is often crude, the people often ill-tempered. What they have to say, however, is as unique as a snow flake. Here comes one now: Let's find out what he has on his mind.



About the Author
Skip Miller spent most of his adult life working as a newspaper editor and columnist. He lives in Virginia with his wife Sandy. He can usually be found in his writing room with his German Shepherd at his feet.



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