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Finding Justice by Martha McMinn

Finding Justice

by Martha McMinn

208 pages
Finding Justice is about attorney Joe Benedict's search for Justice.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Joe Benedict is a successful young attorney who seems to have everything going for him. He has a thriving practice in a beautiful city, good friends, an esteemed mentor and a lovely socially prominent wife.

The beginning of the end comes with a phone call from the clerk of the U.S. District Court asking him to take an appeal on Robby Wright’s death penalty case.

Robby Wright is facing the death penalty because of an incident that occurred several years before. A sous chef from the famous Pirate’s House Restaurant was pushed to his death from Factor’s Walk on River Street in historic Savannah. Joe agreed to take Robby’s last appeal and discovered a saga of incest and legal malpractice.

To make matters more difficult, the prosecutor, Frank Dodge, is married to a woman, Jennifer Martin, whom Joe had fallen in love with while in law school. Joe never got over his attraction to Jennifer and Frank Dodge is extremely jealous and belligerent.

Joe feels helpless as the legal system steamrolls over Robby Wright and he is scheduled for execution. On that fateful night, Joe returns to Jennifer for comfort and then leaves Savannah and his practice.

Joe spends some time in Sioux City, Iowa, but becomes aware of the same kind of legal games being played that lead to the death of Robby. He feels the same dark despair come over him that drove him from Savannah. He decides to get as far away from Savannah as possible so he travels to Portland, Oregon.

Joe is touring Mt. Hood when he comes across a Rottweiler puppy whose family has been killed in a motor home accident. Joe rescues the puppy and names him Justice but he is aware that Justice is really rescuing him. The beautiful, trusting, and loving puppy gives Joe a reason to live, and starts him on his path towards healing.

Joe and Justice live in a guest house on a beautiful estate on the Clackamas River. The owners, Charlotte and Ian, agree to let Joe house and pet sit in exchange for his rent. Joe learns about meditation from Charlotte and Ian, who share their estate and new age philosophies with him. Joe finds a measure of peace and contentment. He is beginning to be of service to less fortunate people with his knowledge of the law.

This peace and contentment is destroyed when his best friend, Brett Hunt, calls Joe from Savannah and tells him that Frank Dodge is trying to implicate him in the death of Brett’s uncle. Joe knows he has to return to Savannah to face the demons that drove him away and to stop the maniacal Frank Dodge once and for all. He returns to Savannah with Justice to find Justice.



About the Author
Martha McMinn is a practicing attorney who grew up in Savannah, Georgia and now lives in Sioux City, Iowa. She has a Masters Degree from the Ohio State Uiverwith and a law degree from Creighton University. Justice is a fictional dog made up of her two beloved Rottweilers, Cert and Cody.



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