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The Redemption of Hiram Matthews by Michael Parrish

The Redemption of Hiram Matthews

by Michael Parrish

212 pages
An 1860's Texas rancher searches for his abducted son.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
At its core the book is a tale of friendship and trust. It is set in Texas in the 1860's. Texas at that time was still largely a frontier with its edges being pushed steadily westward. The push had been slowed by the Civil War which was sapping resources and manpower. As a result, the frontier was left largely unprotected. Comanche, Kiowa, and other bands of Native Americans were increasing their raids in hopes of stemming the advancement. That's the backdrop against which the book is set.

Ethan Matthews was abducted by Comanche raiders when only a lad. Although there has never been any evidence to support his belief, Hiram Matthews is convinced that his son is still alive and among the Comanche. Seven years after the boy's disappearance, Hiram's wife, Sarah, becomes seriously ill and dies. Hiram is haunted by her death and his belief that he should have done more to find the boy.

Over the years there have been no clues concerning Ethan. With almost nothing to guide him, Hiram makes the decision that he must attempt to find out what became of his son. He abandons everything, sells his ranch, and sets out on a journey that will take him into unfamiliar parts of the Texas frontier and Indian Territory north of the Red River. He hires Joshua, a mixed race Huaco Indian, to act as a scout and interpreter.

He soon discovers that the task will be much more difficult than he had hoped. He will encounter Comanche raiders, gun runners, and buffalo hunters. Along the way he will renew an old friendship; forge a new and lasting friendship with his Native American companion; and come to grips with the disappearance of his son.



About the Author
Michael Parrish is a native Texan. He lives in Waco, Texas. He is an outdoorsman, painter, and inventor. He retired from the confectionery industry in 1999. The Redemption of Hiram Matthews is his first outing as an author



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