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PRIVATIZATION: What Reagan Would Do To Save The USA Economy In 2012 And Beyond by Jeff Johnson

PRIVATIZATION: What Reagan Would Do To Save The USA Economy In 2012 And Beyond

by Jeff Johnson

72 pages
Reduce US deficit by contracting government services to private sector

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About the Book
Government spending is a problem in the US. In FY2012, federal spending is projected to be $3,795.6 billion ($3.8 trillion). The deficit is projected to be $1327.0 billion; income for FY2012 is projected at $2468.6 billion. Entitlements (pensions, healthcare, and welfare) amount to $2107.7 billion in FY2012; that means that entitlements equal 85.4% of all income.

Privatization, contracting government services to the private sector, is an answer to reducing government spending. The private sector differs from the public government in that it must make a profit in the long run or go out of business. The government just increases the debt and keeps spending. Contracting government services in contracts that last 2 or 3 years creates a competitive bidding process and drives the cost down; many examples exist that indicate this is true; some are discussed in this book. Managing government services without a profit motive is an issue that needs addressing. Privatization is the answer.

Privatization education addresses the declining education performance in US schools. A school union leader recently stated that as soon as children paid union dues then their education would be improved. Privatization allows this issue to be addressed. Public schools objective is to educate our children. Public education can no longer be a funding raising source for the union leaders of America. Privately run public schools provide a better level of education. All education should be funded at the local level and the US Department of Education should be eliminated.

Privatization is an answer to reduce the growth of entitlements. Contracting of government services starts to cap the growth of pensions and healthcare benefits. That is because people shall have to shift from the public to private sector. Privatization of healthcare would save the government from running huge deficits. The federal government could provide oversight.

Privatization offers opportunities to our large immigrant population. Many first and second generation Americans become entrepreneurs. The private sector could see a boom, like one not seen in years.

The time to contract out government services has arrived. The US economy needs saving. Privatization is the answer.



About the Author
The author became involved with privatization while working for public transit in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s. The author further explored privatization while working on a doctorate. A decision was made to author a book on privatization to explore potential solutions to the USA economy.



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