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THE GIRL FROM KOSOVO by Graham Whittaker


by Graham Whittaker

400 pages
Rescued from war torn Kosovo, Nikita searches for her destiny.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
When Nikita Tarasov is buried alive and critically wounded during the war in Kosovo she is visited by a voice who says his name is Andy. "Are you real?" Nikita asks. "Will they come?" “I promise Nikita. Forever and forever.”

For 30 hours Andy tells amazing stories about a little boy, and a lighthouse. “Be calm Nikita. Fear kills.”

When Nikita is rescued by a psychopathic Serbian Nationalist, Max Lomax, her life is illuminated. Soon she is the darling of the world's press.

Trapped in a world of drugs, human trafficking and prostitution, Nikita promises to escape her “Guardian” and find the mysterious Andy who, she has been told, did not exist.

But the stories Andy told, the image of a lighthouse, and a lonely little boy, haunt Nikita. Determined to prove the reality of Andy, Nikita discovers a town where it seems “Andy” may have lived.

One boy believes her and as the quest for the real Andy touches lives, everything changes. The rough edged Yorkshire boy Robbie, falls in love with the damaged little girl.

Are there angels sent to protect? When one life touches another, does the world change?

This is a novel of love and intrigue. A story of damaged souls touching and healing each other. The ordinary becoming extraordinary.

Throughout, the lighthouse that once shed its gentle beam across the town, and a frightened little boy’s bedroom, guides Nikita to her destiny.



About the Author
Graham Whittaker was born in East Yorkshire. At the age of 18, he was nominated as ‘one of the five most promising poets in Britain.’ He immediately gave up writing poetry. Since then he has written hundreds of short stories under female pseudonyms. He lives in North Queensland, Australia.



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