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THE WRATH OF WINTER: The Accidental Mystery Series - Book Six by Evelyn Allen Harper

THE WRATH OF WINTER: The Accidental Mystery Series - Book Six

by Evelyn Allen Harper

238 pages
A winter storm, an escaped prisoner,and a lost dog.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Sammy the Grunt, who ended up in prison at the end of book three, The Wrath of Grapes, is shackled in the back seat of a prison van on his way to the dentist, when a severe winter storm causes an accident that kills the two guards in the front seat. The chance of escaping is unexpected, and the difficulty of removing the restraints from his hands and feet puts Sammy's street skills to the test. Before long, Sammy is back on the vineyard, and Sarah is once again imprisoned in her bedroom.

The storm causes a power outage that sends all our favorite characters, along with their dogs and cats,to the home of Joe and Clara who have a generator. In the midst of all the confusion, Lucky the dog escapes for a nap in the back of a truck and ends up in Ohio. His owner, Clara, is heartbroken and leaves Joe to search for her dog.

Sammy,trying to survive in extreme winter weather,hijacks cars and breaks into houses.

Lucky finds a way to return home in time to be an important factor in the story's ending.


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About the Author
Evelyn lives with her husband, Barry, near Traverse City, Michigan.A native of Pennsylvania, Evelyn traveled to Indiana to attend Anderson College, and later to Detroit, Michigan where she earned a master's degree at Wayne State Unuiversity. Her last job before retirement was selling real estate in Rochester, Michigan.



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