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Texas Island Style by Richard Mueller

Texas Island Style

by Richard Mueller

236 pages
Poetry and short humor gathered during the author's travels.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
The Port A Pens (writing group),invite you to stay with us a while at the Hotel Ritz in New Orleans, with all the trimmings and secrets well kept, where Mercy becomes a Voodoo Princess and charged with delivering four Heart's Desire Awards.

Experience a time lapse trip along the Oregon Trail; Spend a day in a one-room rural school house; A night with timid inter-galactic visitors; A beach camp out; Followed by a day at the circus.

Enjoy Jed Magee's flash fiction; Experience Kathy Happle's Christmas Memories. Discover why the three pigs couldn't survive without mama. Bring back the "catch of the day," from the Businessman's Special, on The Anna Maria, where the "big fish" never get away, at least not until after we snap that picture.

As a bonus section, enjoy the writings of our Port A youngun's. All tied together by delightful poetic interludes. You will find these and other thrilling and entertaining tales here, in TEXAS ISLAND STYLE.



About the Author
Richard Mueller,just an old-time story teller/pizza person. He decided to write some of his stories down so he could inflict them on a wider audience. He, and his wife own and operate a sno-cone stand in Port Aransas, Texas. Some of his stories have been posted on the Fan Story writers' site; The Castroville, Texas Library web site; and, one story, David's Gift, printed in Chicken Soup for the Catholic Soul. His original Hawkeye Days Collection received the 2002 Humor Award from Florida Writers Association.



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