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Questions by Michael Anderson


by Michael Anderson

124 pages
A fieldtrip to a local retirement home unearths a mystery.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Life for Josh isnít the easiest. He moved into a new school, attracted the wrath of Brenda, an opinionated and quite capable classmate who believes Josh is making up wild stories and passing them off as true, and has conversations with the corn. Josh is taken into the confidence of the corn leading him to a meeting with a long-dead Alice. Josh is quickly plunged into danger, intrigue, and adventure as his relationship with his classmates deepens into friendship and respect.



About the Author
The combination of an award-winning classroom educational background, music, storytelling and humor has made Mike Anderson a highly sought-after performer and speaker. His latest recordings and writing have won multiple Parentsí Choice, I-Parenting, and Childrenís Music Web awards. Mike Anderson lives with his family in small town Illinois.



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