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JUDGEMENT DAZE by Will Chapman


by Will Chapman

320 pages
Texas manhunt for serial killer of convicted pedophiles goes nationwide.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
An assassin is executing convicted Texas pedophiles as fast as they are released on technicalities by by their judges. Texas DPS Captain Sarai Collingsworth-Spenser, former lieutenant with the San Angelo, Texas, Police Department, discovers in her search that in fact, the killings aren't limited to Texas, but are nation-wide.

Assigned to temporary duty with the FBI at their Washington offices, she joins in their search for the executioner, dubbed by the press and the public as "Mr. Clean", for his actions. The search ends in a most explosive way in Columbia, South Carolina.

Meanwhile, her husband, Air Force retired police chief, Tom Spenser, suspects that his five state concealed carry licensing school, named the 'Second Amendment' is being used by a billionaire international financier to build a private militia.

The question soon becomes, will the coming annual Thanksgiving Day gathering in the Spenser's Austin household remain truly that - a day of Thanksgiving - or not?



About the Author
Will Chapman Will Chapman adopted Texas as his home state after a career in the US Air Force wherein he served in Europe,the Mediterranean and the Far East. He retired again after a second career in education and association senior management.

This is his second published book in his new, third career.



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