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THE BLOOD OF FRAGGER SPARKS: The Fourth Book in the Series by Steven Fisher

THE BLOOD OF FRAGGER SPARKS: The Fourth Book in the Series

by Steven Fisher

326 pages
Patrick Sparks fights for his life against his father's enemies.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Treachery is the national sport of the Aiforian lords and allied off-worlders. They’re all seeking dominance of the planet by any means necessary. But one very angry 13-year-old boy stands in their way – the son of Fragger Sparks.

Patrick has surpassed his father’s ability to travel the multiverse, and the lords of Aifor are not happy about it. As with Fragger, they want the secret of his talents. If they can’t have it, then they want Patrick dead. Time and time again, they’ve sent assassins to accomplish that objective – and failed repeatedly.

Now, a very deadly new assassin is on his trail – the creation of one his father’s oldest enemies – and she’s got abilities to rival those of Patrick. She’s beautiful and implacable in her hatred of him. On top of this, Patrick suspects betrayal from an unlikely source. It’s a toxic stew for a teenager to find himself in.

Join Patrick as he fights for his family, his friends, and his allies. Like Fragger, he leads the way but into worlds his Ranger father – or his enemies – never dreamed of!


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About the Author
Steve is the author of the Fragger Sparks science fiction series as well as the comic tragedy, American Job, and the "tweens" fantasy for horse lovers, The Merryvale Adventures.



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