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DIARY OF A VET'S WIFE: Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Memoir by Nancy MacMillan

DIARY OF A VET'S WIFE: Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Memoir

by Nancy MacMillan

320 pages
Compelling memoir of one woman's struggle to save her husband.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
War has gone on since the beginning of manís creation. And will continue until the end of time. This certain evil brings death and pain not only to its victims, but also to the warriors and their loved ones sharing our small planet. Itís not the way weíd like it to be . . . it is the way it is.

Diary of a Vetís Wife, Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, covers an eighteen year period lifted from the authorís personal journals. It took sixteen years to write and reads like a novel.

Divorced with three young children, she begins a journey in search of love she had only read about in books. Eighteen months later, she meets and marries the love of her life, oblivious to the perils waiting and what she would sacrifice for her dream. Her story reveals the day to day struggles of an ordinary family living with the chaos caused by PTSD.

It shows her unblemished love, filled with hope and promise, unaware of the demons vowing destruction. Much too soon her impossible dream is shattered by nightmares her husband doesnít recall and pain he refuses to share. Her love is unyielding her journey is long. She retreats to a life of secrets in order to spare the children and her family from the truth. Yet she has no place to turn.

Eyes will be opened to the family dynamics of living with PTSD, secrets shared by tens of thousands around the world. The spouses, families and friends who love their heroes and bravely grieve, knowing life will never be the same. These forgotten warriors are left to a battle they were never trained for.

The reader will slip into her world like a fly on the wall as she takes them places most have never been, while bonding with others who know the terrain well. Hearts will be touched long after they turn the last page.



About the Author
Nancy MacMillan Nancy MacMillan left Ohioís harsh winters via a marriage that eventually ended. While living in Texas with her three young children, she married the love of her life, a Vietnam vet, oblivious to the demons haunting his dreams. For sixteen years, she penned her journey of love and fear.



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