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THE CONFIDENT INVESTOR: Learn How To Invest With Confidence In A Turbulent Market by Sean O'Shaughnessey

THE CONFIDENT INVESTOR: Learn How To Invest With Confidence In A Turbulent Market

by Sean O'Shaughnessey

108 pages
Teaches you to find and profitably invest in great companies.

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
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About the Book
If you decided in January 2006 to invest $10,000 in Apple, you would have increased your profit an ADDITIONAL 10.8% by using the techniques taught in this book. That is an additional $10,100 in 6+ years to be added to your savings account! To achieve this amazing return, you would have invested in Apple using the techniques in this book rather than using a simple “Buy and Hold” strategy.

In the same 6+ year period, you would have INCREASED YOUR EARNINGS by 42% if you would have used the techniques of this book for an investment in Google! For Buffalo Wild Wings, you would have INCREASED your return by an astounding 135% putting an additional $34,500 into your savings account, resulting in a 500% return on your investment!

Every hard worker that is saving for retirement or a college fund should read this book.

You work hard at your job and try to invest money for retirement. When you look at your investment returns, you don't see your money growing very quickly. Many people have lost money in the stock market over the past couple years. This book teaches you how to find great companies and profitably invest in those companies.

The combination of technical analysis with data analysis and key financial metrics results in tools to buy stocks at the appropriate time in extremely well-run companies. The result is the Decennary Time Weighted Average (DTWA), Time Weighted Composite Average (TWCA) and the Confident Investor Rating (CIR).

This book is not a Get Rich Quick scheme. There is no fast and easy way to build wealth by doing ANYTHING legal. This book explains a proven system to identify great companies, purchase stock at a discount in those companies, and accelerate wealth-building over time.



About the Author
Sean O'Shaughnessey was unimpressed with the results of mutual funds. He analyzed the most successful companies to find shared traits. He combined these traits with mathematical analysis to decide when to invest. This propelled the creation of the overall system of “Grow on Other People’s Money” and become The Confident Investor.



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