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How To BECOME FAMOUS In Your Own Neighborhood by Daniel James

How To BECOME FAMOUS In Your Own Neighborhood

by Daniel James

224 pages
Techniques for becoming famous in your corner of the world!

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About the Book
Within the pages of How to Become Famous in Your Own Neighborhood the reader will learn strategies necessary to becoming famous in his own little corner of the world including how to increase his degree of social confidence; the skills required to meet and interact with a variety of people; the secret to knowing what to say and how to say it; and the importance of making it to the scene and being seen!

How to Become Famous in Your Own Neighborhood will assist the reader in communicating effectively with both strangers and those closest to him, help in his ability to speak with authority and confidence, and give insight into ways in which he can explore his individual interests to their fullest. Regardless of the person’s current occupation, living situation, demographic, or social standing, he will learn to live life exactly as he wishes while boosting his self-confidence and the number of people with whom he associates. Although written to assist in meeting and interacting with others in his immediate surroundings, the tips and techniques contained in this book will help in whatever situation the reader finds himself, no matter the location.

Section One (“Staying Connected”) teaches how to become the individual that others gravitate towards, what you should (and shouldn’t) say in specific situations, the importance of having ready-made stories, the best places to go to meet and interact, and how to treat others in the manner in which you would like to be treated.

Section Two (“Nonverbal Communication”) explains what body language is, why it is important to be able to read it in others, and how to know what your own body language says about you. Within this section, all of the major body parts are outlined and we explain how your body portrays what you are thinking and feeling, regardless of the words coming from your mouth. We also explain the importance of first impressions, the dynamics of personal space, and ways in which the reader can take advantage of his knowledge of body language.

Section Three (“Expose Yourself”) teaches what your clothing, outlook, and manners say about you, how to understand trends and stay current, and when it may be time to reinvent yourself. In this section we also explain ways to cultivate one’s reputation, the importance of travel, and how to be a lifelong learner.

How to Become Famous in Your Own Neighborhood is a necessary read for those eager to come off positively, those who are looking to gain confidence and explore life, and those who are ready to achieve fame in their own little corner of the world!



About the Author
As a “reformed” introvert, Daniel James made it a point to study those he considered to be masters of communication and who appeared capable of successfully interacting with whomever they came across. Armed with the strategies learned, he went about changing the manner in which he himself interacted and communicated.



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