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Put a Tent Over the Circus by Joseph Bullick and Jennifer Lynne Kissel

Put a Tent Over the Circus

by Joseph Bullick and Jennifer Lynne Kissel

108 pages
Autobiography of foster child during Great Depression in Pittsburgh

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Joey's mother, a young, single Catholic girl, struggles to raise her little boy during the Great Depression. Poverty and illness take their toll, and in desperation, she places him in foster care, vowing to one day make them a family again. Her faith leads her to a loving couple who raise Joey like their own son.

A shy and anxious child, Joey is confused by his love for his two mothers, his respect for his foster father, and his desire to know a real father.

When tragedy strikes, Joey is terrified. What will happen to him? Will anyone love him? Will he ever have a real family to call his own?

This true story of love, faith and tragedy will amaze and touch readers with its unlikely turn of events and the depth of four adults' love and devotion for one small boy.

Put a Tent Over the Circus puts a tent over the three rings of Joey's life -- church, school, and family.



About the Author
Joe Bullick was raised as a foster child during the Great Depression. A local historian and curator of a museum in the North Allegheny School District, Joe still owns the homestead and blacksmith shop where he was raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is married with two children and four grandchildren.



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