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Lorem Ipsum by R. McKinsey

Lorem Ipsum

by R. McKinsey

210 pages
"In my girlfriend's living room? The Foundation girl?"

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
I'm sorry for this. I really am, whatever happens.

I've never been one for planning, ironically. A mind like mine, and everything fell apart anyway. I've learned that things change, especially people. I've changed. I've lost things. Things we all probably needed.

But no sense dwelling on the past.

Even with recent events, you're who you've always been. You need to believe that. And another thing whatever you think is going to happen, ignore it. Whatever you think has happened, ignore it. You can think about that after this is all over. You need to focus everything on the present.

The Foundation will find you.

All I can say is good luck.


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About the Author
R. McKinsey is a freelance novelist who was born in a town, raised in the country, and is living in the city, but spends most of her time in places that don't exist. She is a lover of words and drinker of tea but, most notably, a storyteller.



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