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The Feathered Flounder Writer's Guide by Paul Soderberg

The Feathered Flounder Writer's Guide

by Paul Soderberg

74 pages
The official style and submission guide to "The Feathered Flounder"

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Category: Writing:Tools
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About the Book
This book is very specifically only for writers wishing to submit manuscripts to this one specific literary journal, The Feathered Flounder.

It is packed with both essential information, such as when the deadlines are, how to set up your manuscript document, and length limits, and empowering information, including: the 5 most common mistakes in submissions, the most common problem in submissions, the most common weakness in submissions, the 5 things that make this one editor snarl when he sees them in a manuscript, and what makes stories, articles or essays great.

According to writer Stephanie Medlock (more than 3 decades of experience as a journalist and corporate communications specialist),The Feathered Flounder Writer’s Guide is a delightful compendium of advice for the older writer that cannot be found anywhere else. Well researched and packed with useful information, the Guide provides clear examples to support its analysis of the writer’s task, and uses humor effectively as a way of drawing attention to the pains and pleasures of crafting well-written prose. I really enjoyed reading it. I had no idea it would be so funny and pithy, and I loved all the examples it gives of how some of the greats have had their work rejected. A must-read for its own sake, as well as for the wisdom it imparts.”

The WG is definitely not a “how-to-write” book. It’s for readers who already know how to write. But it does have plenty of tips and suggestions for increasing your writing mastery, bringing characters to life in just a few sentences, the power and pitfalls of dialog, and so on. Because many people our age would love to write their memoirs but aren’t experienced writers, Chapter 15 is just for them: “The 8 Easy Steps for Writing Your Memoir.”



About the Author
The Editor of The Feathered Flounder (the world's only literary journal for sexagenarians and their elders), Paul Soderberg has been in writing and publishing--newspapers, magazines, journals, manuals, books (fiction and nonfiction), and reference books--since 1964.



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