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by Tad Rhoden

270 pages
War, wizards,oracles, romance, Princess and a nation of dwarves.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
As fifth son of the king of the Fen Countries, Aram is a prince with little to no prospect of ever becoming king. Apprenticed to his sea captain uncle, Aram doesn’t believe his shipmates stories of an island kingdom populated by dwarves until they dock there.

The dwarf clans can never agree on anything, and so choose to have a mortal king. While Aram is a guest at the palace, the king is assassinated and Aram is blamed. There is nothing to do but flee.

While on the run he finds refuge among the dwarves and becomes a military advisor to a dweorgan revolution. Of course there’s a fugitive princess, conflict, and obstacles.



About the Author
The author razzle-dazzled his way through the Cold War by blustering his way into a number of positions for which he was often only marginally qualified; sometimes necessitating a panicky evening trip to the library in those pre internet days to figure out what he was doing. If you had technical talent to sell, the Cold War was truly a golden era. He expresses sincere Nostalgia about it.

At times he was: an electronic engineering tech, avionic tech,quality assurance rep, tech writer, and employed on black projects. He was doing well as an engineer until someone asked to see the degree he didn't have. For a time, he even dabbled in a bit of light industrial espionage.



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