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by Tad Rhoden

196 pages
An opening to another world, how unoriginal. But this opening has issues. Anything passed through it dies, and the inhabitants are only three inches high.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Ho hum, a portal to another world; how unoriginal. But this is not your father’s portal, it has issues. Anything that passes through it, plant or animal, comes out dead. (Maybe we could use it for a sterilizer.) The inhabitants are only three inches tall and technicaly about where we were in the seventeenth century.

The good news? They can easily perform intricate micro miniature assembly work, and they’ll work for peanuts – literaly. Linguistic professor Allan Flores is tasked with establishing verbal communications and discovers that they are in some ways scientificaly ahead of us.

When they are invaded by a neighboring kingdom, Allan’s Engineering Project Manager (a hot career woman) authorizes arming them to protect the company’s production ability. Enough told. Industrial espionage, romance and high speed chases.



About the Author
The author razzle-dazzled his way through the Cold War by blustering his way into a number of positions for which he was often only marginally qualified; sometimes necessitating a panicky evening trip to the library in those pre internet days to figure out what he was doing. If you had technical talent to sell, the Cold War was truly a golden era. He expresses sincere nostalgia about it.

At times he was: an electronic engineering tech, avionic tech, quality assurance rep, tech writer, and employed on black projects. He was doing well as an engineer until someone asked to see the degree he didn't have. For a time, he even dabbled in a bit of light industrial espionage.



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