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Friendly Fire by Richard Ecker

Friendly Fire

by Richard Ecker

268 pages
Enchanting, uproarious lessons on how to survive "friendly fire."

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
In the third year of the Korean War, a young Army officer arrived in Korea for combat duty. He was assigned to the U.S. 31st Infantry Regiment, code name Bearcat. For almost two years he had been preparing to lead infantry soldiers in combat. Little of that training, however, had equipped him for what now awaited him as the new commander of Bearcat I&R (the regimental Intelligence and Reconnaissance platoon)--a unit best described in retrospect as a cross between "F-Troop" and "The Dirty Dozen."



About the Author
Richard Ecker is a retired scientist, educator and combat veteran of the Korean War. He has published four print books and a multitude of articles on science, philosophy and Korean War history.



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