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Infinity Squared by Phillip J Hubbell

Infinity Squared

by Phillip J Hubbell

338 pages
Infinity Squared stretches our understanding of the afterlife.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Infinity is a fairytale. If you find yourself traveling down a long tunnel towards a soothing ethereal light and you see your long dead grandmother, waving to you from a distant garden and harp music is playing gently in the background. Relax. Youíre not dead. This doesnít mean that you arenít going to die. It just means that you arenít dead yet.

When you die, youíll know. Death isnít about going to sleep; death is about waking up. It is like being startled awake. You stand still in space and everything with mass tears away from you at high velocity. You are standing still.

The limitations of your biological life are gone in an instant. The shell of your former self leaves your presence along with the Earth. You are free. You are omnipotent. You are alone. Free will has always been absolute but now it is also free of consequence. Heaven is what you decide it is.

You can live your life again or someone elseís. If you donít like the outcome of events, you are free to change or enhance things until you do. You can be anything or nothing. Life isnít this biological shell, this flesh cocoon. Life is now and forever.

I am waiting to die. Not because Iím tired of living, but because I know what comes next. Certainty is the great taboo of mankind, we force ourselves to accept what we cannot prove and deny what we can. I am enlightened. I call it enlightenment because thatís what he called it. He is the voice in space. He sent the angels to abduct me from the sidewalk in Lakeland, Florida so many years ago. He gives me the data downloads every three hundred days at 10:03 AM. He might be the Supreme Being. He may be a charlatan.

I have spent so much of my life, dreaming about what I will do with eternity once I start to control it. He told me that when I die I stand still in space. I didnít really comprehend what that would be like but I understand that nothing really stands still. All is in motion. To stand still in the midst of a universe based on velocity will be startling.

Very few understand what the afterlife looks like but that doesnít stop us from embracing a description of it. Most of us base our entire lives around someone elseís views of what eternity looks like and what we has to be done to obtain the good version. We spend every moment carefully tailoring our existence and the existence of our children around our view of life from inside a tiny closet of ignorance.

We donít grow. We donít think. We donít question. We donít know. We only hope we know. We demand the obedience of others and I believe that at the heart of this demand is doubt. Insecurity drives our dogmas. If we are certain, why do we care if anyone else is?



About the Author
Phillip J Hubbell lives in the Midwest with his wife Sue. He is the author of "Write WingerĒ and ďGodís Motive.Ē Phillip has been writing for his own amusement for the last 30 years or so.



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