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THE CIGAM CHRONICLES: Crimson Current by NoŽl MarzŽn


by NoŽl MarzŽn

232 pages
Charlotte's journey to her magical destiny in a secret world.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
After losing her mother in a house fire, Charlotte is sent to live with her father in Europe. She grows to love her new life, as well as her step-mother and two step-brothers, but she quickly discovers that they have been keeping secrets from her. Tucked away in an old book in the back of the library, Charlotte uncovers the history of a fantastical country called Andeka. Furthermore, she learns that her father is a powerful ruler of this country, and that she is in line for the throne. While learning as much as she can about her previously unknown heritage, Charlotte unwittingly falls in love with her step-brother, Kaisen. As they fight for their safety, their kingdom, and their family, Kaisen and Charlotte try to keep their love a secret; however, every secret, no matter how scandalous, is eventually revealed. Crimson Current is the first of a four book series.



About the Author
NoŽl MarzŽn is from Rockford, Iowa and currently resides in Savannah Georgia. Even though this is her first published works, MarzŽn finished her first manuscript at age 11. She is working towards a B.F.A in Performing arts and hopes to become a successful author and actress.



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