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Paris by Pastry: Stalking the Sweet Life on the Streets of Paris by Joyce Slayton Mitchell and Beverly A. Thomas

Paris by Pastry: Stalking the Sweet Life on the Streets of Paris

by Joyce Slayton Mitchell and Beverly A. Thomas

122 pages
Satisfies our eternal cravings for tasting sweet adventure on the streets of Paris.

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About the Book
The best pastries in the world are found in the pastry shops of Paris. The mission of the book is to get tourists beyond the top attractions of Paris to experience the life of the Parisian . Of the hundreds of Paris travel guides, Paris restaurant and food guides published, Paris by Pastry is the first guidebook to locate and walk the readers to the neighborhood (all 20 neighborhoods) of Paris..

Here is the guidebook for the first time traveler, for the experienced traveler – the ethnographer who searches authentic Paris, for the student who wants to hang out with the French and eat big, hearty pastries, for the traveler who appreciates aesthetics in pastries, for the tourists who are too tired and hungry to research the whole arrondissement to find a pastry shop where they can sit down to eat it, for the tourists who needs a pastry to take to the Jardin du Luxembourg, for the tourist who can’t take another museum without a pastry, or for the armchair traveler who dreams of “tarte au citron delicieuse.”

Paris by Pastry takes the reader to the very best pastry shops in every neighborhood, many where tourists haven't yet visited,
It is an educational guide where tourists learn that if one wants the best pastry, it must be bought and carried to the Louvre or Champs-Elysees areas where little residential grocery shopping takes place. The book describes the French who do not plan for a pastry, a coffee, and a seat in one place. PARIS BY PASTRY is designed to help the tourists to get what they want when they want it.

The book is organized by pastry shops near tourist attractions, around Parisian life where tourists seldom venture, on a "pastry-line" by metro, on a "pastry hunt" to include every neighborhood (arrondisement) in Paris, by university student hangouts, and by special interest (bird market, flower market, financial area). We begin with the places where Americans are most likely to be looking for the perfect pastry - while viewing the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Center, Orsay Museum, Opera, Notre Dame Cathedral; while picnicking in the Tuileries; while shopping in the Place Vendome; while wandering at the Place des Vosges, the Sorbonne, under the Pont Alexandra III; while resting on the steps of the Madeleine; while standing in line at the Louvre, and while climbing up to Monmartre.

Guidelines for window-shopping and selecting the perfect pastry once in the shop is carefully spelled out. Readers are encouraged to always share a pastry, providing another tasting opportunity within two hours to buy yet another sublime Paris creation of lemon, or chocolate, or raspberry, cream, baba au rhum, or the French favorite fruit tart – apricot.

PARIS BY PASTRY! accommodates the varying values of the travelers – students, retirees, lovers, family or businesspersons scurrying through on their way from a meeting to the airport.


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About the Author
Georgette (Joyce Slayton Mitchell), consultant in US college admissions, is a Vermonter who lives in New York City and Shanghai. Jeanette (Beverly A. Thomas), from Massachusetts who lives in Connecticut, is known best as a French teacher with a diploma from the Sorbonne, and a specialist in French culture and literature.



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