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Sandwich Lover's Diet by I. Mac Perry

Sandwich Lover's Diet

by I. Mac Perry

167 pages
Eat 50 sandwiches and lose 50 pounds...I did.

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
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About the Book
Start saving your money for that new, slimmer wardrobe you’re going to need!

Do you want to lose weight? Do you like sandwiches?

These 50 sandwiches will knock that extra weight off of you permanently.

Sandwich Lover’s Diet Perry is not really a diet but a “Lifelong eating plan” that is fun, nutritionally sound, and it really works.

Learn to read Nutrition Facts labels. Learn which nutrients make you healthy and which ones make you fluffy. Learn why calorie counting is not the way to go. No classes to attend, no calorie-burning exercises, no mail-order meals to have to buy, no special drinks or food bars; only real food…YOUR foods. Yes, eat the foods YOU have enjoyed all of your life but with one simple improvement.

Learn the important difference between sugar alcohol and artificial sweeteners, net carbs and protected carbs, complex starches and simple starches, saturated fats and unsaturated fats.

Learn 55 buying substitutions the author used to lose 50 pounds. Learn 25 vegetables to avoid and 13 fruits to avoid. If you want a new slimmer wardrobe THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

What makes a diet sustainable, one you’ll stick with? It must be made up of foods that YOU enjoy eating. The ones YOU have loved all of your life. That is why it is so hard to stay on those other diets that offer foods you are not used to eating, frozen dinners prepared the way someone else prepared them, not YOUR way.

Each person has a different set of recipes that match his/her loves. Perry gives you 50 diet sandwich recipes to get you started but encourages you to utilize the nutrition principles and buying tricks taught in his book to select special versions of YOUR favorite foods to make YOUR sandwiches. He tells you where you can buy low-carb breads and low-fat sauces, meats and cheeses.

Perry shows you how to prepare spaghetti, prime rib, fried chicken, pizza, and many other things you thought you could never lose weight on or that could never be made into sandwiches. These are not gourmet meals, but everyday ‘wiches you can make and eat in a jiffy as you watch the numbers on your scale go down.

Sandwich Lover’s Diet Perry is a great eating plan for diabetics and obese children as well as fluffy adults. Diabetics will use far less insulin on the Sandwich Lover’s Diet. Obese children will no longer be laughed at. Fluffy adults will soon be buying new clothes to fit their new slim body. And everyone will live longer. Our U. S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said, “Obesity is the fastest-growing cause of disease and death in America. And it’s completely preventable.”

In Sandwich Lover’s Diet Perry shows you how to lose weight, extend your life, be healthier and happier, use less insulin, avoid obesity and embarrassment, and pave the way for your new slimmer wardrobe.



About the Author
I. Mac Perry Renaissance Man, I. Mac Perry holds three degrees, is a musician, artist, avocational archaeologist, horticulturist and author of a dozen books including a food production method taught to hunger-relief workers and Lunch in a 9th Century Indian Village that describes 612 wild plants eaten by pre-historic Indians



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