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THE ANTI-DIET: Learning to Be in the Moment with Food by Lynn Donovan McCann

THE ANTI-DIET: Learning to Be in the Moment with Food

by Lynn Donovan McCann

110 pages
Awareness and enjoyment as the key to permanent weight loss

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About the Book
An idea whose time has come!

The original Anti-Diet (1971) offered Lynn’s personal experience to show how developing awareness and focusing on enjoyment will succeed where diets reliably fail. Back then, she gave up desensitizing food regimens and reconnected with natural, internal cues to break the cycle of compulsive eating. A recent trend toward “conscious”, “intuitive”, and “mindful” eating has brought her refreshing ideas into the mainstream and prompted this rewrite.

The all-new Anti-Diet (2012) offers proof that Lynn’s approach actually works. This fully revised edition is now a 40-year success story. It tells how-and-why, but it is not a regimen or plan. Instead, you undertake a completely self-directed process to get in touch and lose weight for keeps. Follow gentle suggestions in your own time, in your own way, and discover your own inner expert. See how making pleasure a priority empowers you to choose to lose.

Here is a natural, effective way to end the diet war and love the shape you’re in – at any age. The Anti-Diet is a manual for living disguised as an innocent little diet book.



About the Author
Lynn Donovan McCann Lynn began her career as a dancer/actress. Since publication of the original Anti-Diet, she has worked as an advertising copywriter, freelance editor, COBOL programmer, and college professor to support her abiding passion for theatre. A self-described late bloomer, she continues acting, singing, teaching, and writing other books.



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