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The Taste of Democracy - Volume 1 by Doug Good

The Taste of Democracy - Volume 1

by Doug Good

77 pages
This is a U.S. history text book for survey courses. As volume one, it covers from pre-Columbus discovery of the New World through the post Civil War reconstruction period(1876).

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Category: History
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About the Book
Beginning college students who are not history majors commonly say that history textbooks are uninteresting. As an intentionally brief version, this text provides the basic substance of the American story, while allowing the teacher to assign a number of other supplemental readings of more fascinating, best selling, and cheaper books to entice students into enjoying the experience of earning their required class credits. Since the survey course is probably the only history class many students ever take, this shortened, low-priced text combined with other bestselling paperbacks may be the best way to get the material to "stick."

This text gives the framework and puts it all in context, and leaves the reader with time to add to it with "fun" reading.



About the Author
Doug Good is an adjunct professor in the San Francisco Bay area. He has graduate degrees in history and religious studies, and holds doctoral candidate status at Claremont Graduate University. In addition to his U.S. history textbook he is writing a series of paraphrase editions of classic writings.



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