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The Elephant Queen by Paul Soderberg

The Elephant Queen

by Paul Soderberg

656 pages
A story that exposes and condemns child prostitution in Thailand.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Christy Claiborne, the twenty-something founder of a San Antonio women’s shelter, in Bangkok to network with sister organizations, finds herself in a one-woman war with a huge and powerful empire built on child prostitution. She risks everything, including her own life, to rescue 22 young girls—and then to bring the whole empire down. She finds four unlikely allies: the 52-year-old Thai CEO of a construction company; a kidnapped 6-year-old Australian girl; a 12-year-old Thai girl sold by her father to a pimp; and a wild bull elephant that weighs 10 tons and is nearly two centuries old.

Of the first edition, Alan Dean Foster, the New York Times bestselling author of Star Wars, Alien, Clash of the Titans, and more than 100 other novelizations and novels, wrote, “Seething, colorful, and alive with unforgettable characters, Paul Soderberg’s The Elephant Queen sucks the reader into the festering underbelly of Southeast Asia and refuses to let go.”

Also a reader of the first edition of The Elephant Queen, US Army Lt. Rebecca J. Powell (Ret.) said, “This novel should come with a sticker warning for those with delicate sensibilities—its scenes of sex and violence are beyond intense. But it’s also the most moving and beautiful love story I’ve ever read, bar none, and it makes me proud to be an American.”

Soderberg set his novel in Thailand because he lived there for 7 years; because, as CNN reporter Dan Rivers said in 2010, “Thailand has become the destination of choice for sex tourists looking to prey on children”; and because Thailand is now leading the world in combating child prostitution. This inspiring leadership was perfectly illustrated at the grassroots level by Thai Police Lt. Col. Apichart Hattasin: in 2010 he spoke to CNN about pedophiles thinking of traveling to Thailand and said, “I welcome them to come here, I’m looking for them and if they think they can escape, let’s try. I will get them one way or another. I will make sure they get punished.”

The 2nd edition’s new Nonfiction Supplement includes not only “The Making of The Elephant Queen: My Journey from Intellectual Outrage to Real Outrage, and Action, about Children Enslaved by Prostitution,” but also a wealth of information about the problem today. It cites the opinions of thinkers from Lao Tzu to Oprah Winfrey (“Now that you know [about child slavery in prostitution], you can’t pretend that you don’t”), and presents a wealth of facts, such as that the demand for young girls in Thailand is so great that, in a single year, human traffickers smuggled into Thailand more than 10,000 young girls from Myanmar, Southern China, Laos and Cambodia. But the Nonfiction Supplement looks at the problem globally. “In America today, the average pimp can make more than $200,000 per year off one—1—young girl. Here’s a fascinating fact: the average earning potential of a Black slave in the United States in 1850 was $800, which in 2009 dollars is exactly the same amount: $200,000.”



About the Author
Born in Los Angeles, Paul grew up in Asia, and now lives in Arizona. His first publication was an article in “International Conservation” magazine when he was 15 years old. During his 48 years in publishing, he was awarded “Newsperson of the Year” for his investigative articles on child abuse.



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