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They Gathered As Unto Strife by Jeffrey Tenney

They Gathered As Unto Strife

by Jeffrey Tenney

150 pages
Dramatization of Civil War battle at Wilson's Creek.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Horrendous sacrifice of blood, property, and innocence in pursuit of vague, often naïve and confused, ideals. These were some of the outcomes of the American Civil War. Had the nation been more attentive to the early fighting taking place in the state of Missouri, such as the Battle of Wilson’s Creek in August 1861, perhaps the great “march of folly” could have been averted.

This book tells the story of this little known but ominous battle from the viewpoints of those directly affected. Few had any prior experience of war. Soldiers marched through summer heat without proper uniform or arms, often without food and water. Nurses toiled endlessly to staunch bleeding and to separate the dying from those with some hope for survival. Helpless farmers and townspeople watched the war move onto their fields and into their streets and their holdings fall as prey to an army’s massive hunger.

In these pages, the most distant corner of an out-of-the-way state bursts unpredictably into a signal fire for a nation about to leap headfirst into a monstrous conflagration.



About the Author
The author is a resident of Clever, Missouri. He is retired with a wife who may be the best cook west of St. Louis. He is the author of four books, including the award-winning novel Corps of Discovery. His historical drama Minnesota Anthology has been performed on-stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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