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THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE by Paula Duncan McDonald


by Paula Duncan McDonald

346 pages
Skitchy Chapman, bold, passionate, and unforgettable, struggles for love, identity, and survival in a life she never expected.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Finalist - 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Finalist - The da Vinci Eye Award (2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards) for superior cover artwork (judged on both content and style). Designed by BookLocker's designer, Todd Engel of Engel Creative.

Skitchy Chapman, bold passionate daughter of a West Texas pioneer family, is good at "working things around." Thrilled when she gets the man she wants, she is not prepared for the disappointments in the marriage or for the crucible of the 1930's, the desperate years of the Great Depression when severe drought and relentless dust storms also wracked the land. Confronted with a life she never expected, Skitchy struggles for love, identity and survival.

As her deeply personal and wrenching story unfolds, other vividly portrayed and emotionally complex characters also struggle with events beyond their control. The unflinching story of Skitchy and the people around her reveals the shared experience of the human spirit and the power of redemptive love.

A sweep of history and landscape are woven into lives filled with authentic details, creating a sense of astonishing immediacy, drawing the reader into a very difficult time in our recent history. The total impact resonates long after the last page is turned. An epic can happen even in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.


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About the Author
Paula Duncan McDonald Paula Duncan McDonald was born in Wink, Texas, a few miles from Reeves County where the novel takes place. She draws on personal knowledge as well as solid historical research to take the reader into "the middle of nowhere." She is a psychologist and lives in California.



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