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Direct From His Home in Riverside by Douglass Nelson

Direct From His Home in Riverside

by Douglass Nelson

242 pages
A small town, a boisterous fireman, and the adventures of a young boy. It's all here!

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
No boy alive can resist the sight of a fiere truck. With its flashing lights, dinosaur size, and its blaring siren, every young fellow will stop dead in his tracks to watch them thunder past. Most of them put away their toy fire engines, grow up, and start their own careers and families. But a few odf them never grow up at all. They simply get bigger and taller, and swap their toy trucks for real ones. They become firemen.

In the station the bells clang, the lights flash, and they jump into their boots and heavy gear to answer the call. The trucks rumble to life, and they pound on out to the street to do battle. Every alarm has its own potential danger, but being a her is all in a day's work for them. The truth is, they like fighting fires and they like riding those trucks. Many of those who know them closely will tell you that they are still boys at heart. Even if they are raising their own children.

I kind of agree with that theory. One of them was my father.



About the Author
Doug Nelson was raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts, as a fireman's son. After college, he joined the navy, married, and pursued a career in aerospace. Even though he raised his famiy and lived in many places, he never forgot his hometown, his siblings, his neighbors, and most of all, the stories that his father told.



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