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The Reputation Factor: Repositioning to Succeed by Pamela Gockley

The Reputation Factor: Repositioning to Succeed

by Pamela Gockley

172 pages
Take a step back and focus on that intangible yet priceless factor called reputation.

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About the Book
With the earnest, sincere voice of a professional career mentor, The Reputation Factor: Repositioning To Succeed invites an anxious working world to take a step back from resumes and marketing and branding concerns to focus instead on that intangible yet priceless factor called reputation, making it the cornerstone of setting self, company, and career on a strong success track.

Readers at all stages of their careers and job circumstances, whether they are job seekers or business owners, will profit best by taking the time to honestly assess how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them—right now. With this book they can then work to close the gaps, thereby opening the door to what they really want: a fulfilling career, job advancement, improved sales, better positioning in the market, positive income, and whatever matters most on their wish list.

The Reputation Factor debunks the myth that reputation is a side effect of marketing, that it gets set in stone, or that it just “happens” over time, all by itself, as a result of outside forces. With the myriad of communication and marketing tools we have at our disposal, it’s tempting to spend inordinate amounts of time relying on image and outreach to establish attractiveness, until finally, when sales fall or stay flat, or job interviews yield a discouraging pattern of rejection after rejection, we are back where we started, standing still, or worse—unable to deliver on promises.

Millions of people are caught in this trap. It’s the result of their ignoring the reputation factor, which is like sidestepping the process required to lay down a foundation before the house gets built. Fortunately, it is possible to go back, to become authentically empowered by taking a fresh look at who and what you are, to ensure that what you say you are is consistent with your abilities, talents, and capacity: “This powerful intangible called reputation is within your personal control as a fluid, ever-evolving force that begins outside in the parking lot before a job interview, in emails before a major meeting, or the minute you enter a roomful of people.” To gain success, then, you must start with asking questions: “Do you know what other people think of you? Your work? Your company? Your services? If not, why not? Personal branding is what you think and feel. Reputation is what they think and feel—about you.”

Since information gathering is crucial to ensuring a positive reputation, the book starts at the ground floor, with a tips-filled, how-to section on self-assessment. The 3D’s of reputation are described, and the pillars of reputation are explained in terms of first impressions; effective communications; and smart networking for maximum positive effects through face-to-face relationships, social media, and organizational activities.

Turning personal failure into opportunities for change are key themes. The Reputation Factor is a thorough workout for the self, with the ultimate goal of building strong, genuine “reputation muscle".



About the Author
Pamela Gockley Pamela S. Gockley is CEO/President of Vigilant Corporation, a website development digital marketing company started in 1996. She also founded Pennsylvania Women’s Expo and PennsylvaniaJobs, and in 2004 was awarded one of 50 Outstanding Business Women in Pennsylvania. Pam’s presentations and training programs help individuals rediscover their talents.



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