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One Man's Ride through the American Civil War by Johnny Jackson

One Man's Ride through the American Civil War

by Johnny Jackson

202 pages
Historical fiction, American civil war(1861-1865) One Man's Ride

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
This book will take the reader back to January 1861. Ride and work with Ben on an Ohio homestead while storm clouds of war are advancing on the horizon.

Experience trials and tribulations while working the farm during an Ohio blizzard. Enlistment procedures, Army training, Army issue, and Cavalry training.

Feel the different emotions and pain before, during, and after very bloody battles,and nightmares long after the guns are silent. Follow the troop movements until the end of the rebelion, and then the long ride back home.

This story is about one of millions back then and presently, that join the military when our country goes to war and fights it's battles until it is over, risking all that he or she has, including their lives.

This story is also about romance, heartbreak and two fine horses.



About the Author
Born and raised in rural Oklahoma in 1939. Started riding horses before starting school and still riding and training my registered Appaloosa gelding at age 73. Volunteering work at the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo(Horse Shows).



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