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The Stone of Pithan by Bill McLean

The Stone of Pithan

by Bill McLean

142 pages
An amusing philosophical novel about the dangers of altering DNA.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book
The Stone of Pithan is the story of the next phase of human evolution. A mysterious shaman miraculously cures a young girl in a run down hospital. A physicist discovers an ancient book that contains a drawing of a double helix and a form of mathematics that surpasses current scientific knowledge. A geneticist is exiled to a remote island when fanatical right wing extremists open fire on a crowd of demonstrators. The stock market takes a dramatic slump when a mysterious malaise begins to spread throughout the world. All these events become woven together by bizarre coincidences, and new religion emerges that is based on Chaos Theory. This religion embraces current scientific knowledge but rejects the concepts of free will and chance as illusions.



About the Author
The author lives in Scotland with his wife and two children just outside Glasgow. He is a chemical engineer by day (although some may disagree) and author and (rock) composer by the light of the moon. It took him ten months to write The Stone of Pithan.



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