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HEAVENLY HELL - Hindered Happiness by T.K.Trayle

HEAVENLY HELL - Hindered Happiness

by T.K.Trayle

460 pages
An intriguing love story between a teenage angel and demon.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Angelica – a typical teenage girl, who loves shopping, horseback riding, playing the violin, having drama queen moments, and doing charity work...oh yeah, she’s actually an angel.

Devan – a typical teenage boy, who loves motorcycles, cooking, playing the guitar, is moody, and enjoys getting into mischief…oh yeah, he’s actually a demon.

See what happens during high school when these two complete opposites meet and then work through trials and tribulations, as their relationship begins as pure hate and blossoms to one of unequivocal love.

See how their lives change completely as they discover the shocking truths about angels and demons.

See them struggle to fight for what they stand for – learning morals, values, and life’s lessons along the way.



About the Author
T.K.Trayle resides in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada with her husband and three young children. She enjoys travelling, cottaging, and watching her children grow. She is passionate about making a difference in the world, even if it means one charity at a time… one book at a time.



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