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Faded Thunder by Roger Jetter

Faded Thunder

by Roger Jetter

198 pages
Stories of cruising Denver's street and hang-outs in the mid '60's.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
There were days in the mid 1960's when nothing but cars was the most important part of the day... and when the weekend rolled around, that importance turned into tuning the car in anticipation of street races, or heading off to the local drag strip for the day, or simply cruising Denver's 16th Street, the local cruising spot, or Denver's drive-in hangouts on Friday and Saturday nights.

Toward the end of the 1960's, a new type of car flooded the streets - a factory muscle car... a car that could be purchased off the showroom floor, make monthly payments on it and take it out and race it. No more struggling to build the hottest car on the block, spend money to make it go fast when you purchase it from the factory. It was much easier and less time consuming to simply order what you wanted from the factory. Chevy, Pontiac, Plymouth, Dodge and Ford made it easy to own a fast car and each manufacturer had at least one muscle car on the showroom floor.

The movie American Graffiti had nothing on the Denver cruising scene, cruising had been going strong on Denver streets for many years and was sometimes more important than a Friday night date. It was a ritual, a rite of passage for those coming of driving age... and it was a see and be seen event, every weekend and an important stage in the lives of many young Denverites.

Sadly, those days are long gone... faded into the past and only these memories remain.


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About the Author
Roger Jetter Roger Jetter is a lifelong car guy. He's been writing a monthly column for GoodGuy's Gazette since 2004, about his experiences with cars, hot rods and general car craziness. When he is not writing, he is building cars in his home garage and showing them all over the United States.



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