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Energize Your Profits by Rob Garibay

Energize Your Profits

by Rob Garibay

186 pages
Energize Your Profits: 14 Solid Concepts for Growing Your Bottom-Line

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Category: Business
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About the Book
This book is practical. Many of the problems encountered by small to medium sized businesses can be solved through generating more profits from creating more revenue. Why is it that so many business owners hover near breakeven for most of their business career? It is because they do not have a systemized way to produce more leads and close those leads into repeat customers. If you know your gross margin for all of your products or services, then you can calculate how much revenue you need to cover your overhead, and then, to produce the extra net profit needed for your desired lifestyle and exit strategy.

This book contains 14 practical methods that can be applied to any business. If you diligently implement these strategies in your business, you will significantly increase your revenue, which will be the first step to creating the lifestyle that you desire. Rob Garibay provides these practical marketing and sales techniques in easy-to-understand language that you can immediately apply for quick results. As a mentor and coach, the author brings the experience of helping dozens of business owners apply these strategies to dramatically transform their businesses and lifestyles.



About the Author
Rob Garibay Robís career spans manufacturing, R&D, distribution, retail, and IT. He co-founded an aerospace & automotive technology company, growing 20%/yr. over 15 years. Robís business plan writing helped two companies acquire investment capital. He was president of a manufacturing company; authored technical papers published internationally and mentors business owners through ActionCOACH.



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